Steps for Getting Started...
After your initial contact and our discussions about your design, please read this page which outlines the preliminary steps you will need to take before your design is ready to be installed.

~ Ready-Made & Custom Designs ~
    Register Your Domain

Your Domain is your "internet address" where people can find your site, i.e., It's best that your domain name is the same as your business name, however, it is not always possible to get the exact domain name you want as it may already be taken. If that happens, try to find a domain name as close as possible to your business name. Keep in mind that a shorter domain name, with no more than three or four words is best/easier for visitors to remember.

You can register your domain with your chosen hosting company or another registrar of your choice.

     Purchase Hosting from Compatible Hosting Sites

These hosting sites offer a user-friendly environment that even a first-time web business owner will be able to work with. And their prices are very affordable.

     Purchase Your Design (OOAK/One-of-a-Kind or Custom Design)


After your full payment has been received, I will email a questionnaire for you to complete so that I have a very clear idea of what you need, the style, colors, etc. you want. Please be sure to complete every part of the questionnaire and provide as much detail as possible. Also please check your Spam Folder, just in case my email doesn't reach your Inbox.

Once you have purchased (paid for in full) your custom site design, your design project will be added to my schedule. Scheduling is based in the order that I receive all requests/instructions and payment in full. At that time, I will provide you with an approximate time estimate as to when the work will begin. I will periodically keep you informed as to the progress of the work as well as email you regarding any questions and to discuss sample images, etc. You may contact me via email at Jill@CreatingAmbiance to check on the progress, ask questions, or provide any other pertinent information.


Once you have purchased your ready-made design, I will contact you via email to verify your business name and gather information regarding your domain name, choice of compatible hosting services, optional tag line,and other pertinent information so that I can begin personalization and installation of your website. Because you have chosen a ready-made design template where most of the work has already been done, your site should be personalized and ready for you to start adding your products, photos, etc., within 4-5 days.

PLEASE NOTE: Your domain name must be purchased and you must be signed up with one of our compatible hosting services before your site can be installed.


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