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Whether you have very specific ideas about how you would like your new custom website to look, or just a few vague ideas like color, style, etc., I’m here to work with you, brainstorm with you, and pick your brain until we both feel we’re on the same page about what you want. My goal is to create something that will not only meet your needs, but will exemplify who you are and/or what you do. My hope is that, together, we can create something that you really love!

  • Choice of Layout, Fonts & Colors
  • Your Images or Ours
  • Custom Logo Banner
  • Custom Page Headers - Up to 30 (Additional Extra)
  • Custom Menu Headers
  • Two Matching Banners (Includes one animated banner)
  • Matching Favicon
  • Matching Order & View Cart Buttons
  • Matching Business Card -- Design Only -- You Print
  • Free Installation of your Completed and Approved Site Design on Compatible Website Hosting Sites.
  • Free Shopping Cart when using our listed Hosting Services.
  • "Basic" Help and Instruction to Start Working On Your Site & Listing Products

Custom designs range from $595 and up, depending on the complexity of the design requested, and include up to three (3) design change requests. Additional design changes will be subject to additional charges, which will be quoted to you prior to any changes being made. 

Prior to your purchase, I will contact you via email to request pertinent information that will assist me in creating a design that shows off what you do and/or are selling, will meet all your needs and be something you are thrilled with. After gathering this information from you, I will let you know if your requests will be subject to additional charges over the base custom design price.

Once you have purchased (paid for in full) your custom site design, your design project will be added to my schedule. Scheduling is based in the order that I receive all requests/instructions and payment in full. At that time, I will provide you with an approximate time estimate as to when the work will begin. I will periodically keep you informed as to the progress of the work as well as email you regarding any questions and to discuss sample images, etc. You may contact me via email at Jill@CreatingAmbiance to check on the progress, ask questions, or provide any other pertinent information.

Template will be designed according to your initial specifications and a rough sample will be presented to you for feedback, and go from there.The average waiting period is two to three weeks, however may be longer due to a busy workload. If you are under any time constraints please email me and I'll do what I can to accommodate you, if possible. 

Payment is non-refundable once work on your design has begun.


  • Hosting of your Website, Shopping Cart, or Domain Name --- These items may be purchased and set up through the compatible web hosting services listed on this site. Domain names are also available through other sources, such as
  • Website Maintenance --- This includes set-up of categories, listing products, creating pages, writing or adding content/text, uploading, editing or adding product images, etc.
  • Design Installation to a Non-Compatible Web Hosting Service (See list of Compatible Hosting Sites)
  • Matching Design 'Add-Ons' Not Listed Above --- Digital & print marketing items are available at an additional cost on the à La Carte Design Services page. 

Before purchasing a Custom Design, please contact us first so that we have an idea of what you will need and if it will involve additional charges. If that is the case, we will send you a PayPal invoice. If that's not the case, based on our conversations, please Add your Custom Design Request to the cart below.


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